Wings on Fire Apk for PC v1.38 Free Download on PC

Wings on Fire Apk for PC v1.38 Free Download on PC




Wings on Fire




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Put on your flight suit and take to the skies with Wings on Fire Apk for PC version- Endless Flight Mod. With plenty of money/stones, you will be ready for action in no time! You’ll pilot a plane through epic missions that involve bombing enemy buildings or other planes and set records like never before.

The game boasts beautiful 3D graphics during flights plus lots of challenging missions where you can show off your skills as an ace aviator- dodging obstacles even when those wings are flaming! Upgrade your aircraft and become one of the top players out there today.


Wings on Fire is an exciting and action-packed arcade game that puts you in the role of a daring pilot. You’ll be tasked with navigating your plane through treacherous enemy territory, battling swarms of enemies, and dodging obstacles as you soar toward victory.

With intense graphics and engaging gameplay, Wings on Fire provides an immersive experience that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go in Wings on Fire! Play now and experience the thrilling journey that awaits! And If you want to play it on iPhone you can download Wings on Fire for iOS.


Wings on Fire is a thrilling story of courage and strength in the face of adversity. In this game, you take control of a daring air force pilot tasked with taking down a powerful enemy base deep within enemy territory.

Wings on Fire Apk for PC

As your mission progresses, you will be tested to the limits as you fly across treacherous terrain and dodge incoming fire from all sides. Strengthen your plane with powerful upgrades and abilities as you rise through the ranks and become a hero of the sky. Along your journey, make friends and foes alike, face dangerous bosses, and challenge yourself to be the best pilot in Wings on Fire! Will you have what it takes to complete this ultimate mission? Find out now as Wings on Fire takes you to the skies!



In Wings on Fire, you can choose from a variety of different planes. You can select from standard fighter jets or even some of the more advanced military aircraft with special capabilities. You will be able to customize the plane in various ways such as color, weapons loadouts, and flight characteristics. With your personalized plane, you can take on missions and even fight against powerful bosses.


Missions are an exciting and challenging way to test your piloting skills. Wings on Fire features a variety of missions with ever-increasing difficulty levels, ranging from rescuing hostages and destroying enemy fortifications to taking down powerful boss ships. With each mission you complete, you can upgrade your plane and abilities, level up, and promote ranks. Compete against your friends and other players online and climb the leaderboards to become the ultimate Wings on Fire pilot. So, take to the skies, put your skills to the test, and complete those missions!

Wings on Fire Apk for PC (Missions)

Online Leaderboards

Wings on Fire lets you climb the online leaderboards, where you can challenge your friends and compare your scores and ranks with other players from around the world. Not only will this make Wings on Fire an even more intense and competitive game, but it also ensures that no two games are ever alike.

3D Environment

The Wings on Fire immerses you in a stunning 3D environment. As you fly in your chosen plane, you’ll explore breathtaking landscapes with astounding details and effects. Enjoy flying through snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and golden deserts – all from the comfort of your own home!

With this game, you can experience a truly realistic and immersive 3D environment. This feature adds to the overall enjoyment of playing Wings on Fire, making it one of the best flight simulators available on the market. Start your journey today and soar through the skies!

No Advertisement

Playing Wings on Fire is a totally enjoyable and no-frills experience. One of the key features that make this game so popular is that it does not include any ads or pop-ups. This ensures users can play uninterrupted without having to worry about being interrupted by annoying advertisements. As such, Wings on Fire is the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself.

How to Download and Install Wings on Fire on a PC

  1. Download an Android emulator on your PC. There are many options like Bluestacks, NOX Player, and Andy available online.
  2. Once the emulator is installed, open it and sign in using your Google Account or create a new one if you don’t have an existing account.
  3. Download the Wings on Fire Apk PC version from a reliable third-party website like
  4. Click ‘Download Now’ to initiate the download process of Wings on Fire.
  5. Wait until the installation gets completed and then launch Wings on Fire from all apps in the emulator window to start playing Wings on Fire!
  6. Enjoy!


Wings on Fire is a great game and worth trying out. With its vibrant visuals, frantic action, and various levels of difficulty, it offers something for everyone. The Wings on Fire Apk for PC provides an exciting gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours. If you’re looking for a challenging yet enjoyable adventure game, Wings on Fire Apk should be at the top of your list. Enjoy!


A: Yes, Wings on Fire is available to download as an Apk file for Windows PC users.

A: Wings on Fire Apk is free to download and play.

A: Wings on Fire Apk is an Android application, which means it is designed to be played on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, it can also be played on a PC using an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. Therefore, Wings on Fire Apk can be played on Windows and Mac operating systems that support these emulators.

A: Wings on Fire Apk requires at least 4GB RAM and Windows 10 or higher to run properly. It is recommended to have an internet connection with at least 10mbps download speed to enjoy the game without lag or latency issues. Additionally, Wings on Fire requires a minimum of 1GB of free storage space.

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